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Whispering Canyon Cafe: Rootin Tootin Good Time.

Whispering Canyon Cafe: Rootin Tootin Good Time.

Itinerary:  Wake up at five, take a cab to the airport, wait. Get on the plane, wait. Get off the plane, run to connecting flight to Orlando, wait. Get on the plane, wait. Arrive in Orlando grab bags,  run to Disney's Magical Express, wait.  Two p.m., Get to Hotel, arrive at the room, proceed to fall on the bed exhausted.
Anyway you swing it a day of travel is long, boring, and tiring; Even if you are traveling to WDW.

After a long day of traveling down to Florida, I had one thing on my mind. Food. Since I am always looking for new places to eat, we decided to look towards the many resorts and hotels on the WDW grounds for a place to eat. I've only stayed in two places on Disney Grounds, when I was kid.

One: The original tree houses with my entire family. 


Two: Fort Wilderness Campground, which became like a second home to me as a child. 

So when we were looking for new and delicious places to eat, my mind immediately went to the place where I have so many fond memories. But, instead of going to the campground we traveled to the luxurious resort paired with the campground, Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  Before we left our hotel we looked at the menu and our mouths started to water everything sounded like delicious comfort food.Getting there proved half the battle, we got to the campground and spent an hour walking around the sprawling grounds in awe of the "Seasonal" campers decorations and the sheer size of some of the RV's. As we ventured to the end of the campground towards the docks, I was in shocked at how new it looked yet felt so familiar. We traveled across the bay, looking towards The Contemporary Resort and The Lodge. I've never been to the Lodge before so I was completely taken aback by the greatness of the lobby, the towering totem polls and beautiful chandeliers, and there in the corner was our destination The Whispering Canyons Cafe.

I rarely eat anywhere without informing them beforehand  of my allergies. Since it was such short notice I didn't have a chance to call ahead or book online so I was relying on the efficiency of WDW and their food prep. We arrived right around dinner time and the place was bustling. When we put our names in, I didn't have the opportunity to tell them my food allergies. When we sat down and our server came over and I immediately expressed my food allergies, he was relived to know and apologetic to the fact that I couldn't tell the front of house. Already it was proving to be an amazing experience. Our server sat down at our table and went over the menu with me  and asked about the severity of my allergies. After we made our choice, he brought out the chef to assure us that the meal would be safe. I felt assured that my allergies were in consideration, and at ease since my server was so on top of the situation. 

Waiting for food-tired and hungry

Waiting for food-tired and hungry


The real story about the Whispering Canyons Cafe is the atmosphere. Here is the place to let your inner child run free. When you sit down you're presented with a coaster; One side red and one side green. If you have the red side up you're in for a normal meal but the green side is a ticket to good ol' fun. There are regular corals for kids to do their best rodeo impression and to top it off, ketchup is a hot commodity. If you want the red condiment, all you have to do is scream its name and 10-20 bottles will appear from a neighbouring table, but you're only borrowing the bottle because if you have them and someone calls you better be ready to run it to another table. 

Our meal was brought out by the chef himself, assuring me that he prepared it himself. He assured me that I could walk into any restaurant on the grounds and inform the front of staff of my allergies and I would be ok, so don't worry to much about booking ahead for allergen reasons. (Although I still did and probably still will in future) Once we were both satisfied we dug in. Seven hours of travel sure do make you hungry, the food was amazing. Anything and everything you would think to be at a cookout of BBQ was available, I choose a rib plater that was bigger then expect but much appreciated, it came accompanied with corn on the cob cooked to perfection. Most of the time, bread isn't safe. It's always made off site and the restaurant isn't able to confirm if any cross contamination had occurred. This wasn't the case here, fresh cornbread was available and safe for my peanut allergies. Overall it was an amazing experience. 

I am always weary of eating somewhere new, especially if I can't confirm beforehand if its safe for my food allergies. Thankfully my fears were put to rest by excellent staff and preparedness. It is always important to inform staff ASAP of any allergens to minimize risk. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure a stress free meal and help avoid any possible issues. That being said, WDW does an excellent job of helping people with food allergies feel safe in a safe environment all you have to do is provide them with the information.

Whispering Canyon Cafe was a great way to start of an excellent vacation. The only issue that ever arose was the idea of putting cider over ice...apparently it's a Canadian thing, who knew?


Dinner with the Stars

Dinner with the Stars