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Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Located near the entrance of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Florida, Tony's Town Square Restaurant combines fine Italian dinning  with the enchantment of the classic film  Lady and the Tramp.



One of the things I love about Walt Disney World is their food allergy protocol. When I had the opportunity to go to Disney World a few years ago, I decided to do all my booking online for restaurants. They have a section that allows you to outline your various food allergies and the severity of them.  When you arrive, a note has been made on your reservation and you are handed an allergen guide outlining the various ingredients. If you have any questions or concerns a manager or the chef will talk with you and assure you of your options.

This restaurant will always have a special place in my heart, it was the first place outside of a family/friend home that I was able to eat at when I was younger. My confidence  eating in restaurants was forever boasted, they helped figure out a balance between being cautious and overly paranoid.

They also asked me if I carry an auto-injector, I've never been asked this before or since. When i answered yes, they asked where it was and if my party was capable of using it. I believe this is a great question, because it prepares servers in case of an emergency.

When I went back to Walt Disney World when I turned 23, I knew I had to go back. After making reservations online, and outlining my allergens I was ready for another great meal. I was able to talk with the chef, who assured me the bread they serve is safe, and not to worry about dessert either.

My server was very knowledgable of my allergies, making sure that the other guests at the tables didn't have allergens in their meals as well. When our meal came, my spaghetti and meatballs was topped with a allergen alert flag which was handled by it's self. 


After my first bite I was convinced this was the best tomato sauce I had ever had. My server came asked me how the meal was, how I was feeling etc. They took time to make sure I still felt comfortable and was doing alright.

Overall my experience here was amazing, I felt totally confident in the knowledge of those around me and preparing my food. The environment was  clean and well spaced, I never felt like I was to close to other people and their food. No outside food from the park was allowed in to help with cross-contamination.

The presentation of everything really pulled you in. Much like all of Disney's restaurants, they work hard at a theme, and really keep you immersed. 

Overall I give this place 9/10 and only that because the Magic Kingdom doesn't serve alcohol.

Walt Disney World does their best to help each and every guest feel important safe, and respected and i definitely felt like all of my allergen needs were taken care of.

I would suggest this restaurant to families with both young kids and adults young at heart.


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