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Good Reads.

Good Reads.

When I was younger, I was starved for role models or advice from someone my age or someone who was in my position with their food allergies. I was the only child in my group of friends, class, and school who had severe food allergies. The literature available was sparse and it was usually dry and heavily medical based and lets be honest, boring.  

Now that I'm older, and have the internet and social media at my finger tips I have the ability to seek out information and like minded people who share similar experiences or have different viewpoints on subjects I care about.

But, what about younger people who don't have access to the internet or are to young to look around online? They and I alike are lucky to have people dedicated to spreading awareness about food allergies, how to do with it, and how to spot a reaction.

Amber DeVore is the creator or "My Food Allergies" a book depicting her sons journey through discovering his allergies to nuts, and through navigating the new lifestyle a food allergy needs. 

This colourful book is short and sweet. The wonderful art is large and full of colour, life, and love. It features a linear story of Kieran and his discover of his nut allergy. The books features steps to living safely with a food allergy, at the end she poses questions to the reader to get them thinking about how to safely live with an allergy, explain it to people, and finally and most importantly you can live a normal healthy life no matter what.

It can be hard to explain the severity of a food allergy to someone newly diagnosed, or someone new to the subject.  My Food Allergies is an amazing tool for teaching a younger crowd about food allergies. 

I suggest you check out and order this book. It's an excellent resource, and  read for anyone interested in food allergies, or looking to know more. 

If you're interested in learning more check out the following resources, send them your love and support, because the more resources we have available the better. 

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What did one nut say to the other:

What did one nut say to the other:

#FACCWDW - Part 1.

#FACCWDW - Part 1.