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Writing, writing, and then some more writing.

Writing, writing, and then some more writing.

Lately I have been lending my writing skills to an extremely awesome and important website by  

Anaphylaxis Canada . They created a new, community run site about adults with food allergies, by adults with food allergies. The topics range from baking, to dating, to traveling all with an eye of helping newly diagnosed or adults with continual allergies.  I was fortunate enough to be on the team of writers and have expanded my writing horizons ten fold.


The site is called Adults with Allergies  they feature amazing writers from all over Canada.
And one of my favourite stories written by yours truly is about one of my true passions, baking. But, baking with a twist, no eggs at all. Check out the story here  No Eggs No Problem  here

and for check back weekly for more amazing stories by different people with different experiences with food allergies 

I love that Anaphylaxis Canada has expanded into helping adults cope with different situations involving food allergies. One might be more in control of their surroundings as an adult but that doesn't mean that we don't face anxiety, or the unknown.  Hearing how other people interpret or deal with things like dating new people, traveling to far of places, going to a wedding with unsafe food is a great way to seek help from the comfort of your own home. 

So go spend some time getting to know some amazing people who have amazing stories to tell.




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