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#FACCWDW - Part 1.

#FACCWDW - Part 1.

 There are two things in this world that I love above all else. Disney and Food Allergies (not having them, but sharing my knowledge about them) On November 22, 2014, I had the opportunity  of pairing these two loves. So a week before I started packing my bags with Mickey Ears and shorts to travel to sunny (almost) Orlando Florida, Disney World!

 Food Allergy and Celiac Convention- Celebrating Awareness is an amazing convention that highlighted vendors and speakers who are making a difference in the food allergy and celiac community. Several months ago I was tipped off about this amazing conference from a fellow food allergy haver. To my amazing surprise they were looking for bloggers to write for their blog and website to help attract traffic to the convention site and inform people about food allergies or celiac. This opportunity obviously appealed to me and I immediately started buffing up my blog to apply. After sending off my content, I virtually sat by my email waiting for a response. A week later I got the email, I was in! And thus this awesome event began for me. 

Magic Bands


I was over the moon to have the opportunity to travel to Walt Disney World, and for an amazing convention at that! So let me take you through my day and experiences at FACCWDW.

The morning of the convention I woke up with as much excitement as a kid in Disney! My partner in crime and faithful travel companion Steve and I were staying at the POP Century resort at Disney World, and since the convention was at Coronado Springs we had a tiny bit of traveling to do. Thank God the bus system at Disney runs like a well oiled machine! We arrived at Celebrating Awareness just in time to see Gary Jones, Disney's Culinary Dietary Specialist give a keynote speech. His words were so inspiring and moving. I was glued to my seat, enthralled by the protocols and actions Walt Disney World and Company had taken and were taking to ensure everyone no matter what dietary issue was able to have a safe meal.

Gary Jones


It reassured my faith and trust in the company, and almost moved me to tears remembering the joy myself and my family had when we could all eat a safe meal together on vacation. It was informative to hear about the measures taken to inform and enlighten everyone involved with food preparation. I loved hearing what was new and up coming for the company in the future and I look forward to seeing these plans put in place. 


After the presentation we moved on into the convention to see what the spectacular vendors had to show. There were so many amazing booths and hands down the nicest people around so ready and willing to help out or answer questions. It was tough, but I narrowed down three booths that really stuck out to me both during the even and after. These vendors stuck in my mind throughout the day and continue to intrigue me now.

Barnie's CoffeeKitchen: I am recent lover of coffee. Early classes and cold mornings do make a pretty picture, but one thing that can always get me through  to the other side of the day it is a warm cup of joe. Barnies Coffee was giving out samples of their cold-brew "Santa's White Christmas" and I don't think I'll go back to warm brew again. This delicious, allergen and gluten safe drink completely converted me. It was satisfying and unique that was complimented with an allergen safe label. I will definitely be looking for this brand next time I am in the United States. The two guys working the booth were incredibly nice which only added to the great experience. If you're a coffee lover whether it be warm or cold brew, I strongly suggest checking this company, you won't be disappointed.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarniesCoffeeKitchen



SunButter: The last time I had peanut-butter it didn't go so well. I've stayed away from it my whole life and thankfully have found people in my life that would rather spend time with me then put my life in danger. My parter Steve on the other hand grew up with PB&J's and peanut-butter on toast. Luckily I found someone who was willingly to give up something he liked for someone he loved. The introduction of Sunbutter into our lives was a godsend. Now he and everyone else around me can enjoy the taste of peanut-butter without any danger to me. It was amazing to meet someone of the people who represent this life changing company and have the opportunity to say thank you. I urge you check them out if you know someone craving a PB&J without the strings attached.

Twitter: @SunButter4life

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sunbutter


EZ Gluten: I love science, anything that makes me feel like a mad scientist or Bill Nye the Science Guy is absolutely amazing. That is why I was completely amazing by the ladies at the EZ Gluten booth. Now, I am fortunate enough to not have a gluten intolerance or allergy but this booth still completely caught my attention. The most basic way I can describe this amazing piece is a pocket science kit. It can test a whole meal for gluten, the only way to describe its just really freaking cool! It is utterly amazing and satisfying to watch. If you or someone you know suffers from a gluten intolerance I suggest you check out their site and video's. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ezgluten



This is certainly not the end of my amazing convention experience! There is so much more to share and write about. Like amazing people I met, food I was able to try and the overall atmosphere. Check back for the second part of this three part blog series on Celebrating awareness.

 Next I'll be sharing my food experience and the fact that I was actually able to taste and try almost everything at the convention! Be sure to check back for a mouth watering recap of all the amazing food.

Till then, Stay Safe!



Good Reads.

Good Reads.