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Back to School.

Back to School.

Today marks a nervous day for parents, students, and teachers.  The beginning of a new school year can spark many emotions and worries, more so for the parents and students who suffer from food allergies.  Many primary grade schools have excellent programs in place to help students adjust. But what about having fun? Food allergy awareness doesn't have to be work and no play.

Anaphylaxis Canada and their Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) have created a program to institute allergy awareness and fun challenges to schools in order to teach students the importance of tolerance, understanding, and to be prepared.  

The program is called The Allergy Awareness Challenge    and it's a three day event that encompasses multiple events in order to better understand food allergies.  They range from Jeopardy, Spelling Bee's and even having non-allergic students adopt allergens for a day. 


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The program was created by Anaphylaxis Canada who also features other spectacular aides and resources for helping people deal with food allergies in all walks of life. They also feature a Blog run completely by young volunteers who have food allergies. Learn from their stories and experiences.  Why Risk It is a great resource for anyone dealing with food allergies.

From all of us here at Special Alert we wish you good luck on your first day back, and a great school year! 




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