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Good Monday Special Alert readers,

Today is a happy day! A few weeks ago I was honored with the Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award , a grant awarded to those who bring awareness and understanding to food allergies in their community. I feel so privileged for being recognized as a leader in my community, but in all honesty I could not have done it without you, the readers.
Everything I do, mentoring, research, writing, events, all stem from my need to spread awareness and information to help anyone in a the same situation I am. So, even though I am truly blessed, it is you who deserves the thanks and awards! And with that, I promise to start writing more, and planning more events, and even start reviewing restaurants again!

With school starting up again soon, it's time to start thinking about necessary precautions and useful things you can do to help make you, your child, classmates and teachers lives more easy in the up coming school year.

One of my favorite things is a buttons. I've had the same not nuts button since I was a young girl and still, to this day have it on my bag. Finding the right allergy awareness accessory can be an easy way for others to identify your child's allergy.  They can range from buttons, shirts, medical alert bracelets, bands, bags, ect. Try picking one out that best suits your personality and allergy!

Also if you can, email the school and ask for the contact information for the parents in your class. Let them know about your child's allergy in advance to make both your lives easier in the upcoming year.

Lastly, well not lastly but most importantly, talk to your child about bullying, Whether it be how to deal with it, who to talk to, or what to say when it happens; or teaching them the importance of respecting food allergies and those who have them. It is a serious life threatening issue and being bullied with your food allergy is just plain unacceptable. 
 Look at this amazing PSA release by FARE  


School should never be a scary place, so now is the time to start preparing to ensure every student gets the most out of their educational experience.  

See you all next week! And again, thank you.  

Back to School.

Back to School.

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