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Not just a infograph.

Hello Special Alert Readers,

We here are Special Alert realize that it has been many moons since we last posted. The summer has gotten away from us with obligations and what not. But today, during class I Arianne Kirkey came across an info-graphic that made me rather upset.

Currently in America an estimated 15.1 million of Americans suffer from some sort of food allergy. 

Anaphylaxis is a serious life threatening immune deficiency that can cause fatal outcome if it is not treated right away with an auto-injector. 

Recently, a little inforgraph Below:


Popped up on radar from a friend. Regardless from looking very good from a graphic design stand point, it is appaling from a food allergy stand point. Regardless if it may be true, which I don't believe from my research it is still perpetuating a negative stereotype about food allergies.This negative view point is what is driving bullying and misconceptions about food allergies in schools and public.  

Food allergies are not just infograph, nor are they a blurb, they are serious and deserve to be treated like any medical disorder, thoroughly researched and respected.  

So people, I urge you to do some reading on the subject, education is the only way to squash stigma's such as these. 

Look back for more, we are ready to start writing and sharing reviews come next week! 

And the winner is...

Welcome Summer!