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Welcome Summer!

As school ends and the promise of a beautiful summers begins to emerge, we must remember that just because we are taking a vacation from school and most responsibilities, we cannot take a vacation from our food allergies.  

Barbeques, pool parties, Canada and Independence day, field trips and more are all great and exciting ways to spend your summer. Just remember to always take the necessary precautions to ensure you have a safe and fun summer!

Some simple tips may include: 

BBQ's, Parties, and Pool Fun, and not to mention celebrating Canada and Independence day in right fashion here are a few tips to help you have the best time possible.

  • Inform your host or your guests about your food allergies so they can plan accordingly.  
  • To ensure that cross contamination doesn't happen, make sure you have separate utensils and a clean grill. 
  • Make sure you know all the of the ingredients and spices being used
  • As always know exactly what you're are eating,
  • and if you feel uncomfortable never take a chance.  

Outings and trips, and everything we travel to:

  • Take your own food and snacks
  • If you are eating out call ahead or talk to your chef and server about your food allergies
  • Always wash your hands, who knows what you've touched! 

Summer brings seasonal allergies and boy can they damper your day:

  • Bring proper allergy medication such as Reaction, Benadryl, Clartin etc. 
  • Wash your hands and don't touch your face
  • If its smog that bothers you, bring an inhaler if you have one or stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day

Summer is a great, you deserve your vacation, and nothing shouls stop you from having a great time and enjoying these long beautiful summer days.


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