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Staying Alert, Staying Safe.

It is so easy to let your mind wonder on vacation. Everyday worries, such as the time, tasks, due dates, and concerns become mere passive thoughts in the basking glow of the sun and sounds of the sea crashing against the shore. Among this beauty and awe it is easy to forget the importance of vigilance in the face of food allergies.

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month, it is important to remember the constant attention food allergies deserve. Now, this doesn't mean they own you, or run your life, they just deserve consideration in daily tasks. Whether you're on vacation or in the daily grind, it's important to take precautions, and always consider your food allergies.

My current vacation has been wonderful, I've done nothing and it is everything I thought it could be. I've had the opportunity to eat at a few restaurants that have guaranteed me safe meals and delivered some truly spectacular dishes. But being on vacation has lulled me into a state of comfort. Tonight at a dinner I realized I forgot to read the ingredients on a bottle of local dressing. As it was about to drip onto my salad I panicked. As fast as I could, I scooped up the  dripping blob before it could reach my salad and quickly read the bottle. It never mentioned anything about "may contains", so I quickly investigated their website to see their other products. Satisfied with my search results, I tested the dressing by tasting a small amount of it and waiting for a few minutes, putting my unease at rest and feeling satisfied I put the dressing on my salad and enjoyed a fantastic meal.

Taking these precautions may seem like a lot when you're about to sit down to a meal. But its these steps that can save your life. When you're unsure of a product or are visiting a place where you are unsure or or they have different labeling laws, it is always a good idea to check out their company online. If you're unable to check a website, inquire with a local or your server if you are in a restaurant. And if all else fails an you are still unsure, it may be best to avoid it. I know it sounds unfair, and to be honest it is but somethings are not worth the risk.

It is easy to get comfortable with a familiar product, forget to read every label, or, feel a sense of "meh" when it comes to your food allergies, but companies change, and or things slip by, making it imperative you read the "may contain" and ingredient list on products;Especially products you are unaware off.

Try checking out "Allergen Alerts" on Canadian Food Inspection Agencies website, to learn about recalls or unlisted allergens in products.  It's easy to take control of your allergies and your surroundings allowing you to stay alert, and safe.

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