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Anxiety, bummer.

Over the years I've learned to keep my anxiety over eating out at restaurants a bay. But sometimes it can be a sneaky snake and creep up on you.  My best advice is to talk yourself through what you know is true or real and then remember what your symptoms are for an allergic reaction. Think about each symptom individually and calmly ask yourself if you are really experiencing it. For example. if you think you are having trouble breathing, take a few deep breathes, if the trouble persists tell someone right away.

If your anxiety is preventing you from enjoying things that are safe, try talking yourself through what you know is safe about to put yourself at ease. Did you talk to the chef/server, what did they say, how did you feel. Did you order something you know is safe, do the people you are with know where your auto-injector is and how to use it? If you gain positive answers from these questions it should put you at ease, but if you're still worried tell someone you are with you feel uncomfortable. Our gut instincts are usually right so try asking again or inquiring more help put your mind at ease.

Anxiety, in any situation can get the best of us. I know I struggle with it all the time. But it is important to remember to not let it get the best of us, or prevent us from living a normal life. Everyone has anxiety tips, and since May is food allergy awareness month, we were wondering what your tips for dealing with anxiety are!

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