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Air Travel and the fear of flying peanuts

Air Travel and the fear of flying peanuts

As the school year winds down and summer plans become more and more clear, it is safe to say many of you have been bitten by the travel bug. I too find myself counting down the days till the end of exams and freedom begins.

Flying can be a scary process for anyone, but especially for those who suffer from food allergies; More specifically peanut and nut allergies.

Nuts and Peanuts have always been a staple in bars and air-travel, they are tiny, easy packaged and apparently delicious, but with growing allergy concerns on board air crafts, they are no longer handed out casually. But that doesn't mean they aren't still available. Also many people who suffer from food allergies fear not having safe meals,air, or travel due to their allergen being so close

Traveling and flying can be scary regardless of food allergies. But, for those who have restricted diets, here a few tips and tricks can put your mind at ease beyong watching the in-flight safety video... and let you enjoy that in-flight entertainment.

  1. Call your air-line before hand. Tell them about your allergies and request (if they have it) safe meals or inquire what is available.
  2. Ask, if possible for a buffer zone where they will not hand out your allergen
  3. If you're alone, make sure your flight attendant knows about your allergies and where your auto-injector is. If you are with people make sure they know where your auto-injector is at all times.
  4. Make a note of fellow passengers near you and what they are eating. Make sure to avoid any allergens that may harm them since it can be recycled in the air.
  5. If someone around you is about to order your allergen kindly ask them to refine and tell them about your food allergies.
  6. If need bring a mask.

Depending on who you travel with they may already have protocols in place for travelers with food allergies. Air Canada cannot offer safe meals, nor do they have auto-injectors in their first aid. When flying with them, make sure to bring your own safe foods and always carry your auto-injector. As they still serve nuts and peanuts on board, make sure to inform those around you of your allergy and kindly ask them to refrain from eating your allergen around you.WestJet Is a little more allergy friendly, they offer no peanut or nuts on board, but cannot guarantee that their food hasn't come into contact, or other passengers haven't brought anything on board.  They also carry Auto-Injectors in their first aid.

Flying can be scary, but the joy of traveling should never be over clouded by your food allergies. If you take the proper steps and are responsible flying should be a breeze, so good luck with your final month of school.

Bon Voyage!

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