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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Wednesday, I will board an air craft at six A.M. to whisk me away to a tropical paradise for 15 days. But before I leave, there are a few things I have to prepare and make sure I have or done before I can feel safe.

Last week we discussed the steps you can take to make sure your air-travel and your vacation is safe, since I am in a frenzy of packing and preparations today I'm going to talk about my personal tips for preparing to leave on a jet plane and enjoy a vacation.

Packing is something I've never liked, nor been good at. I over-pack, forgot things, or I'll pack things I will never need like a toque for Barbados. My absent mind has forced me to create lists for everything.

These lists, have helped me be prepared for whatever I may face on my travels and I think they may help you as well on your travels.

First things first, I always remember to pack at least three auto-injectors, two in my carry on and one in my suitcase. This way I know I have one packed away tightly in my luggage for when I arrive and may need a new bag to walk around with our leave at the hotel, and I will have two on my person at all travel times.

Next, identification, I always try to have my medical alert bracelet on, and cards explaining my allergies. I also always like to call my airline the day before the flight, and inform them my food allergies, and request a buffer zone. If you have severe food allergies or airborne allergies, invest in a mask to wear on the plane, or some anti-histamines to help ease the symptoms. 

Lastly, after I'm done packing and remembering a hairbrush which I always forget, I make food for myself on the plane. I always try to pack a few sandwiches or something to snack on so I don't feel tempted or get hungry.

As I said earlier, I will be traveling for 15 days around the island Barbados. I plan on tweeting and writing about my experiences.  Check out new restaurant reviews, stories, and more over the next 15 days, We will be scrapping the Monday and Friday schedule so check back here regularly or on twitter for updates. Please feel free to leave comments,questions, and information for me, and I will get back to you.

If you are new to traveling or need some tips and advice, please visit our mentoring page and I'll do everything in within my skill set to help you prepare, gain comfort, and proper skills.

Staying Safe while having Fun.

It's My Birthday!

It's My Birthday!