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Healthy Snack Alternatives.

Healthy Snack Alternatives.

Lately, I have been hearing rumors that it is almost impossible to find healthy alternative snacks that aren't on the big allergy list. The new trend or current healthy fad has a lot to do with pistachios, almonds, dairy products, almond milk, fruits, and other items. The only "big allergy" that seems to be on the down turn is gluten since everything seems to be gluten free which is healthy alternative for that.

I have been hearing for years that it is hard to create a lunch for children that doesn't have a PB&J or dairy, or any other kind of nut. Parents who refused to look into the alternative forced me to eat lunch alone everyday. But now, with the power of the internet and so much information available about food allergies it is hard to use the excuse you don't know what else to make.

It also puts a large strain on the person trying to make the healthy choice, but is restricted by food allergies. So what do you do? You're surrounded by people making a healthier choice that puts your life in danger. Plus you're left with the less healthy choices on the market right? Prepackaged foods and other items that may be safe but not all that healthy.

There so many safe choices and practices you can take to make sure you the best possible foods while keeping yourself and others around you safe. You just have to look around!

First, if you're going to partake in snacks that are a risk for those around you (nuts,fruits,etc) there is nothing wrong with enjoying these snacks but there are some precautions you can take to make sure those around you who have allergies will be safe. Try eating them in one spot only, don't travel and touch everything on your way. When you're finished consuming your healthy snack, be sure to throw away everything and wash your hands and the area you were eating. Not only does it make those with allergies feel better, it shows good manors!

Now, if you're allergic and looking for some healthy snacks but can't eat nuts, peanuts, dairy, fruit, ect. don't feel like you have no options. There are all kinds of safe snacks that offer just as much protein, vitamins, and delicious tastes to keep your body and taste-buds happy.

If protein is what you want, but you can't have nuts try eating..

  • A hard boiled egg (try it with olive oil and pepper
  • Cheese Sticks and grapes
  • Honey Yogurt
  • Broccoli with hummus 

If you are allergic to fruits but want their vitamin goodness try eating

  • Bell peppers
  • Honey yogurt
  • Flax seed and other grains
  • Tuna sandwich
  • Aparagus
  • Broccoli

Now if you just want a healthy snack to much on during the day there are plenty of options for you and your allergies. Items like the above prove that making lunches and giving children healthy snacks in school is not hard. Complaining about children who have allergies ruining your snack/lunch plans is. Currently in our schools children and parents are struggling to find a balance between healthy foods and safe snacks for their children. By looking into the alternative and not bringing these highly dangerous foods into the classroom you are taking loads of baggage off these parents shoulders. You're also opening up your own child to a world of food alternatives.

So in the battle of allergic products and healthy alternatives, lets help the alternatives win.

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